During one of the first weeks of class, our first major work in class was using Photoshop. During this two week activity, we learned about photoshop and figured out how to use the app and everything that is involved with it. Our assignment for this segment was to create different banners with different designs that showed off how well we know how to use the app. This was honestly my favorite part of the course and my favorite application to use. Before this segment of my course I have always wanted to learn how to use Photoshop, so now being able to use and and actually like it is something I really appreciate.


After our segment with Photoshop, the next program we were introduced to and worked with was Illustrator. During this section we worked on making different monograms, logos and icons. With those different things we created, we learned how to combine, connect and cut objects in different ways to create am image/figure. While I think this assignment was important as it taught me a skill on an Adobe program I knew nothing about, I didn’t really like this assignment. I didn’t like the assignment because after being introduced to different programs this year and really diving into seeing what makes them different, I am not a big fan of Adobe Ilustrator. I think that there are other Adobe programs that are easier to use in my opinion.


For this assignment I had to create a podcast/vodcast of a topic of my choosing. The program we used for this assignment was Adobe Premiere Rush. For this assignment I chose to go the podcast route. Therefore I had to record and edit my sound and video and then add music to my video. My video topic was Loyola sports. For my video I interviewed my roommate and asked him about his experiences as a student fan. My interviewee has been to many sports games for almost all of the sports the school has to offer, so I thought he would the the best person to interview. I then ended my video with a segment of me speaking, giving a personal experience about Loyola athletics from an athletes perspective. This segment of the class was honestly one of the best as it applied multiple components of video making and editing together for the class to learn. I feel like this segment was very important because in my opinion it is something every communications major no matter the specialization should know how to do.

Web Content Management

This was the last segment of our class and honestly was the most interesting. In this segment which lasted about three weeks, we worked all on web content management, and we did so by creating our own website. In this segment we bought our own domain and then eventually learned about what it means to own a domain and then everything that comes with it. After that we worked on making our own website. We used WordPress to help us and then from there, used different tutorials and class sessions to work on making our new website. I say this was the most interesting topic we learned because it was something that while I didn’t expect to do this year, interested me the most because it allowed me to work on something hands on and in some ways teach myself and play around with an aspect of the web that can take me far not only in my career and major, but in many careers and majors.